Cloisonné  Dragonfly Pendant

Cloisonné Dragonfly Pendant

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The Dragonfly Long associated with magic and illusion.  The dragonfly is a creature of water and symbolizes our dreams and thoughts.  Approx. 11/4" diameter. Hand crafted in fine silver.  Sterling silver 18" diamond cut chain is included. 

Cloisonné is a metalwork technique that uses small precious metal wires and glass enamels to create beautiful works of art.  I shape fine silver wire onto a fine sliver base to create the small cells of my design.  I then add many coats of finely ground glass enamel into each cell.  Each layer is fired at 1450° until one unique piece of art is completed.

This one is sold, but let me know if I can make one similar for you!  Contact me at